Working with Nature.
Not Against it.

  • Reducing the need for fossil fuels and lowering emissions

  • Materials derived from renewable resources

  • Rethinking packaging to reduce landfill waste

Floafers Sustainability Initiatives

At Floafers we are leading the charge insustainable practices, making strides in how we think about shoe production and packaging. By innovating with materials derived from sugar, specifically sugarcane, Floafers creates their signature EVA footwear in a way that’s kinder to the planet. This clever use of sugar isn't just about making shoes; it's
about tapping into a renewable resource that grows back year after year, reducing the need for fossil fuels and lessening the environmental footprint of every pair of shoes made. It's a sweet solution that turns sugarcane into comfortable, stylish footwear, making a positive impact with every step.

But we don’t stop at sustainable materials. We are also rethinking how shoes reach us—by saying goodbye to traditional shoe boxes. This move significantly cuts down on waste and emissions, streamlining shipping to pack more with less. Imagine fewer trucks on the road and less cardboard to deal with at home. It's all part of Floafers’ commitment to not just tread lightly on the earth but to actively make it a better place. And we know the journey doesn't end here – so we are dedicated to continuous innovation, researching, and developing new ways to be even more in harmony with our planet. At Floafers we understand that sustainability is a never-ending road, requiring constant advancement and a deep commitment to protecting our world
for future generations.

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