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In the beginning, footwear served more as function rather than fashion. Shoes like Brogue Oxfords were never originally designed for boardrooms; rather English countrymen who wore them while slogging through mud and water on their farms. The Brogue detail was initially full perforations that allowed water and sludge to seep out across the shoe, making the shoes ideal for wet and soggy conditions. Over time, shoemakers became less interested in functional footwear and more focused on business appropriate styles with abbreviated and decorative dots rather than full perforated holes.

At Floafers we believe that style and functionality are equally as important, with our designs rooted in functional footwear from more than 100 years ago; the Floafers Brand brings fashion full circle by reincarnating functional footwear combined with modern day classic designs. Our footwear forefathers recognized the importance of function; unfortunately, with so few options currently available today, the Floafers brand has stepped forward to pioneer a global movement providing shoes that masterfully combine function with modern day fashion. We call ourselves, Navigators!!

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